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Prof Dr. Med & Dr. Dent Gabor TEPPER MD DMD PhD

Professor Tepper is one of the leading specialists in Austria in the high-end field of oral implantology. After graduating from Vienna Medical School with the highest possible score he was awarded the Prize of the President of the Republic before enrolling in his post-graduate training at UCLA in California, USA. Having published dozens of peer-reviewed scientific research articles in various european and american top journals on various topics of oral implants he holds a teaching post at the Gottlieb-Bernhard University Clinic of the MUW (Vienna Medical University).

For many years now Professor Tepper is top-ranked on the list of the best Austrian dentists - see the latest list on our starting page.

Today, he lectures nationally and internationally - as a well known invited presenter at the most important and prestigious conferences world-wide and he functions as a global speaker for parts of the implant industry- he has given over 250 presentations till now.

The main focus of his everyday work, besides teaching the next generation of dentists at the University, is his private practice where he performs thousands of surgical interventions per year - implantations, bone augmentations, wisdom tooth surgery, apical resections and periodontal regenerative procedures. Professor Teppers expertise is the regeneration of the chewing function and esthetics after tooth-loss, regardless if the patient has lost all his teeth or just one due to periodontitis, trauma or endodontic failure. He is one of the leading specialists in the field of immediate implantology - which offers the patient a single-treatment option by removing a destructed tooth and placing the implant immediately into the same socket without extra cutting or an additional wound. The advantages for the patient: faster – easier – more effective – less traumatic – cheaper.

Professor Teppers practice is equipped with the most up-to date surgical tools - enabling him to even perform operations in general anesthesia if needed under full safety supervision.

He offers the latest 3D-volume tomograph to obtain 3-dimensional images prior to implant placement- thus simplifying the procedure in terms of operating time, trauma and postoperative discomfort. Especially the latest technologies of computer guided implant planning reduce the operations to mostly 5-15 minute interventions highly appreciated by the patients.

Professor Teppers philosophy is that every patient is an individual with individual needs and concerns. That is the reason, why he offers everybody a completely free first consultation - the necessary x-rays are covered by the austrian e-card (social insurance). He strongly believes that the beginning of a successful implant therapy is to get a second opinion and to take time to assess the patients situation patiently together and to find the ideal solution to every dental problem after addressing the various possible alternatives, treatment concepts and financial plans.

The practice is very proud of its national and international clientele - serving lots of high-profile patients from multinational companies, the United Nations and the Atomic Energy Organization for many years.

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