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Dental injuries

In most cases, dental injuries happen to children, but adults can also suffer from oral or dental injuries as a result of sports or road accidents. These injuries aren’t always recognizable after a significant impact or pressure on the tooth. For medical and legal reasons, it is necessary to be seen by a dentist after an injury – some negative effects of the trauma, such as hairline fractures or late infections due to loss of tooth vitality can sometimes only be identified after a significant time. That’s the reason why the full extent of the damage can require lifelong recall and therapy. Especially with third-party involvement, correct documentation and notification of both police and insurance are of absolute importance.

Dental Injuries

In the case of a knocked out tooth, the following applies:

  • Search for the tooth (part),
  • Only touch the tooth at the crown (not at the root)
  • Never store a knocked-out tooth in a dry place! It is best to keep the tooth moist with:
    • Dentosafe dental rescue box (special nutrient solution, usually available in schools/pharmacies)
    • Isotonic saline solution (pharmacy)
    • If necessary in the mouth between teeth and cheek
    • Tap water is unsuitable!
  • Visit a dentist immediately!

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