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Our practice has a 3D volume tomograph (CT) for accurate diagnostics, including navigated implantology and a digital scanner. We are one of the few dental practices which uses this modern technology, enabling computer-accurate implant planning and avoiding bone augmentations in most cases.


Our practice has a 3D volume tomograph (CT) for accurate diagnostics, including navigated implantology and a digital scanner.



It is our principle to start each and every therapy with a personal conversation. We believe that expert advice should be free for the patient.

Implants replace lost teeth without having to damage neighboring teeth through bridge preparation. Our specialty is immediate implantology – immediate implants replace a tooth right after extraction in one session: tooth out, implant in. That’s faster, more effective and the most modern specialty in implant dentistry.

We offer complete digital workflow, including treatment planning and the latest digital implant scanner.

Prof. Tepper is a global lecturer in the field of implantology.



Prosthetics – Tooth Replacement

We offer all types of prosthodontics – removable and fixed. This includes high-end implantology, but also conventional bridges, crowns and removable partial dentures (RPDs). In many cases, Austrian social security or private insurances reimburse parts of the treatment.



Augmentations & Sinuslifts

In most cases state-of-the-art technologies – such as computer-aided implant planning, immediate implantation, and high quality implant surfaces – allow implantation even in patients who were told years ago that they couldn’t get implants.

With over 20 years of experience at the department of oral surgery, Prof. Tepper performs bone augmentation – bone grafting or sinuslifting – with great experience and state-of-the-art methods.




Dental treatment required from a medical point of view often goes hand in hand with an improved appearance of the teeth and/or the gums. But nowadays, even aesthetic issues can be approached gently and elegantly with ceramic veneers, metal-free ceramic crowns, bleaching or orthodontic alignment.




Even in adults, misaligned teeth should be treated for medical reasons. Especially if the misalignment has already led to excessive wear of healthy teeth, if the aesthetics or dental hygiene are suffering from the misalignment or if it’s causing jaw muscle tension, head and neck pain or snoring. In addition, TMJ (temporo-mandibular-joint) disorders are a serious entity which can cause pain and damage to anatomic structures and function.



Dental Hygiene

Our trained dental hygienists are in charge of professional oral hygiene on site in our dental practice. They will remove normal plaque, stains (such as discoloration due to stimulants) and tartar, especially in those areas that you find difficult to clean. Thus contributing to better gum health and fighting periodontal disease. Every dental hygenic session concludes with a check-up by a dentist of the team.



Dental Injuries

In most cases, dental injuries happen to children, but adults can also suffer from oral or dental injuries as a result of sports or road accidents. These injuries aren’t always recognizable after a significant impact or pressure on the tooth. For medical and legal reasons, it is necessary to be seen by a dentist after an injury – some negative effects of the trauma, such as hairline fractures or late infections due to loss of tooth vitality can sometimes only be identified after a significant time. That’s the reason why the full extent of the damage can require lifelong recall and therapy. Especially with third-party involvement, correct documentation and notification of both police and insurance are of absolute importance. If teeth get knocked out of the jaw, prevention of exsiccation (drying out) and fast replantation might save the tooth. Transportation to the dentist is optimal in so-called tooth boxes with special hydrating solutions.


Asked by our Patients

Frequently Asked Questions

How dangerous is gum bleeding and what can be done about it?

Bleeding gums should not be underestimated: severe redness of the gums and bleeding gums indicate a possible periodontitis (gingivitis). Periodontitis is a disease of the gums and jawbone. It is caused by the inflammation of bacterial plaque.

What option is there to beautify anterior teeth?

In the anterior region, twisted, discolored or chipped teeth are veneered with wafer-thin ceramic shells (veneers). In the process, hardly any tooth substance is removed, so the natural tooth is preserved.

Implant consultation – how does it work?

Our highest maxim is that the personal conversation begins at the beginning of each therapy. We believe that expert advice should be free for the patient. You are welcome to bring a companion, for example, your partner to this important conversation.


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