Thomas Tepper, DMD, MD

Focuses on implant prosthetics – and has four decades of experience in this high-end field.

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You cannot buy experience. I have been working in this field for fifty years, and enjoy my daily medical work. My field of specialty has been implantology since the eighties, especially prosthetic restoration. It’s a field that encompasses a lot of aspects: aesthetics, phonetics, chewing, but also self-confidence, and last but not least, the social perception of a person and their face.
We as surgeons, prosthodontists, orthodontists and dental technicians, work together as a team with the patient to develop their individual medical and aesthetic ideal solution.

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Thomas Tepper, DMD, MD

Academic Profile

  • Academic Milestones
  • Doctor of Dentistry – Dr. med. med. dent
  • Doctor of Medicine – Dr. med. med. univ
  • Primarius at the Wiener Gebietskrankenkasse
    ▪Vienna 1, Ambulatorium Zelinkagasse 1983 – 1989
  • Opened a dental practice in Vienna 22, Rennbahnweg 13 (alle Kassen)
  • Specialized in general dentistry, aesthetics, removable and fixed dentures, implantology
  • Numerous training courses in all areas of dentistry
  • Special training in implantology in the USA with Prof. Myron Nevins in Boston, MA

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