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Our practice is equipped with a 3D volume tomograph (CT) for accurate diagnostics, including navigated implantology and a digital scanner.

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Implants replace lost teeth without doing damage to neighbouring teeth through bridge preparation. Our speciality is immediate implantology, by which a tooth is removed and then, immediately after extraction, replaced by an implant in a single session. This method is quick, gentle and in accordance with the latest current implantology developments.

Prof. Tepper lectures globally in the field of immediate implantology.

We work on the cusp of technological innovation, offering a digital treatment plan and then using the latest digital implant scanner.

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Prosthetics – Tooth Replacement

Our teams can offer you any type of modern prosthodontic, fixed and detachable. This includes teeth supported by implants and conventional bridges supported by teeth, as well as crowns and removable partial dentures (RPDs). Depending on your health insurance institute, parts of your treatment costs can be reimbursed.

The dentures are exclusively produced by the Viennese dental technology master-laboratory – that is our unconditional quality standard.

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Augmentations & Sinus Lifts

In most cases, the latest technologies – such as computer-aided implant planning, immediate implantation, and high- quality implant surfaces – enable implantation even in patients who have been told up to now that they cannot receive implants. We most frequently achieve this without bone augmentation. However, when augmentation is unavoidable, it is carried out using state-of-the-art methods and the latest technology.




Dental treatment required for medical reasons is often accompanied by an improved appearance of the teeth and/or the gums.  However, nowadays even aesthetic issues can be approached gently and elegantly. A small excerpt from our broad palette of possible treatments includes ceramic veneers, metal-free ceramic crowns, bleaching and orthodontic alignment.




Having straight, beautiful teeth has become essential in our society today. This applies as much to children and adolescents as it does to adults in their old age. Even in adults, misaligned teeth should be treated for medical reasons, especially if the misalignment has already led to excessive wear of healthy teeth, if aesthetics or dental hygiene suffer from the misalignment or if it causes muscular tension in the jaw, head and neck pain or snoring. In addition, TMJ (temporo-mandibular-joint) disorders, such as pain, clicking or restricted movement in the jaw, need to be medically diagnosed and treated.



Dental Hygiene

Oral hygiene is carried out by our prophylaxis assistants and followed by specialist medical supervision.


Dental Injuries

In most cases, children are prone to dental injury, but adults can also suffer from oral or dental injuries caused by sporting or traffic accidents. Injuries from significant impact and or pressure on the tooth are not always easily recognizable. Seeing a dentist as soon as possible after any facial trauma is imperative; however, sometimes complications only arise later and can only be accurately diagnosed and treated by experts through regular check-ups.

Under certain circumstances, teeth which have been knocked out can be re-implanted: especially when they have been transported in a special tooth rescue box to prevent exsiccation (drying out) of the tooth.

An affidavit from the police station is essential, especially when the damage is a result of third-party involvement. Likewise, an insurance report is of utmost importance for reimbursement at a later stage (AUVA).

When children are injured at school or on their way to school, they are insured according to their state at the moment of injury. In such cases, please coordinate with the school and keep the injury report as long as you live, because later damage can arise at any moment, in which case costs can be covered accordingly.

Questions from our Patients

Frequently asked Questions

How dangerous is gum bleeding and what can be done against it?

Gum-bleeding should not be underestimated: severe redness of the gums and gum-bleeding can indicate periodontitis (gingivitis). Periodontitis is a disease of the gums and jawbone, caused by the infection of bacterial plaque.

How can anterior teeth be beautified?

Twisted, discoloured or chipped teeth in the anterior tooth area are veneered with paper-thin ceramic shells (veneers). Hardly any dental tissue is removed for this procedure: the natural tooth is preserved.

Implant consultation – how does it work?

Our highest maxim is that each therapy begins with a personal conversation. We believe that expert advice should be free of charge for the patient. Your companion/partner is welcome to accompany you at this important first consultation.


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