Prof. Gabor Tepper MD, DMD, PhD

Professor Tepper is one of the leading experts in Austria in the high-end field of implantology – and a
global lecturer.


Christina Tepper, DMD

specialises in orthodontics and aesthetic dentistry, because handsome and healthy teeth are an essential social hallmark of our time.


Thomas Tepper, DMD, MD

has earned forty years of experience in prosthetics and implantology, all of which support his speciality in implant prosthetics.


Susanna Tepper, DMD, MD

Founded the practice in 1984 and focuses on aesthetics, prosthetics and general dentistry.


Prof. Tepper Dental Office Team

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Implant treatment consultation and planning – How does it work?

We commence each individual session with a personal orientation discussion. We believe in making expert advice available free of charge to our patients.


About Us

We acknowledge proudly that since our practice was founded, approximately 40.000 satisfied patients have placed their trust in us, putting their dental needs in our capable hands.



We offer comprehensive service that covers all areas of dentistry, including implants under general anaesthetic.


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First things first: our strengths lie in accurate diagnoses – using 3D volume tomographs where necessary – careful, thorough consultation and meticulous therapy planning.


Prof. Gabor Tepper, MD, DMD, PhD

Implantology Expert

Since the beginning of my career, I have been internationally active giving speeches, teaching my expertise around the globe and developing my skills in accordance with the latest developments of my field. My scientific articles on implantology have been published in international journals and I received specialist training in the USA, where I still regularly hold speeches. I achieved my habilitation and professorship at the University of Vienna, in the field “Risk Prevention in Implantology”. My strong conviction is that in today’s world of specialities, only individuals who have placed thousands of implants, who have been active in implantology at university level for several years, and whose daily focus is solely on implantology, can honestly call themselves implantologists.

Without fail, I experience patients every day who fear bone formation but who, through modern methods, receive implants without any bone formation whatsoever. My speciality is immediate implantation – such that a tooth is extracted and immediately replaced by an implant. Our results are faster, more effective and almost completely pain-free.

About Prof. Tepper

Prof. Tepper Dental Office

About Us

We are your dentistry and specialised oral implantology centre in Vienna.  Our team in Vienna’s 22nd district consists of four dentists who have different areas of expertise. We’re proud to acknowledge that since our practice was founded, approximately 40000 satisfied patients have placed their dental needs in our expert hands.

Our shared practice has existed since 1984. We offer comprehensive service that covers all areas of dentistry, including surgical interventions under general anaesthetic. We have 6 rooms fully-equipped with state-of-the-art technology, 2 sterilizers with digital documentation to maintain impeccable hygiene standards, and carefully trained staff.
Oral hygiene is carried out by our prophylaxis assistants and followed by specialist medical supervision.The dentures are produced exclusively by the most renowned Viennese dental technology master laboratories.


Your Dental Practice in Vienna

Our Team

Our team consists of four dentists that have different areas of expertise.

Implantology & oral surgery

Prof. Gabor Tepper, MD, DMD, PhD

whose focus lies on implantology (titanium implants, ceramic implants) and oral surgery, with over 20 years of international teaching and lecturing experience.



Christina Tepper, DMD

specializes in orthodontics and the aligning of teeth using both removable and non-removable orthodontic appliances, transparent aligners, as well as aesthetic dentistry and teeth whitening (bleaching).


portrait ddr. thomas tepper in working clothes

Implant Prosthetics

Thomas Tepper, DMD, MD

has earned forty years of experience in prosthetics and implantology, all of which support his speciality in implant prosthetics.


Portrait of DDr. Susanna Tepper in working clothes

Dental Conservation, Prosthetics, General Dentistry

Susanna Tepper, DMD, MD

is responsible for aesthetic, prosthetic and conservative dentistry, and has treated families spanning across several generations.


Our Services

To enable the most precise diagnostics possible, our practice is equipped with a 3D volume tomograph (CT), used for navigated implantology, and a digital scanner. As one of the few dental practices to use this modern 3D volume tomograph technology, we enable computer-accurate implant planning and can largely avoid bone augmentations.

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Implants replace lost teeth without doing damage to neighbouring teeth through bridge preparation. Our speciality is immediate implantology, by which a tooth is removed and then, immediately after extraction, replaced by an implant in a single session. This method is quick, gentle and in accordance with the latest current implantology developments. Prof. Tepper lectures globally in the field of immediate implantology.

We work on the cusp of technological innovation, offering a digital treatment plan and then using the latest digital implant scanner.

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Prosthetics – Tooth Replacement

Our teams can offer you any type of modern prosthodontic, fixed and detachable. This includes teeth supported by implants and conventional bridges supported by teeth, as well as crowns and removable partial dentures (RPDs). Depending on your health insurance institute, parts of your treatment costs can be reimbursed.

The dentures are exclusively produced by the Viennese dental technology master-laboratory – that is our unconditional quality standard.

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Augmentations & Sinus Lifts

In most cases, the latest technologies – such as computer-aided implant planning, immediate implantation, and high- quality implant surfaces – enable implantation even in patients who have been told up to now that they cannot receive implants. We most frequently achieve this without bone augmentation. However, when augmentation is unavoidable, it is carried out using state-of-the-art methods and the latest technology.



Dental treatment required for medical reasons is often accompanied by an improved appearance of the teeth and/or the gums.  However, nowadays even aesthetic issues can be approached gently and elegantly. A small excerpt from our broad palette of possible treatments includes ceramic veneers, metal-free ceramic crowns, bleaching and orthodontic alignment.



Having straight, beautiful teeth has become essential in our society today. This applies as much to children and adolescents as it does to adults in their old age. Even in adults, misaligned teeth should be treated for medical reasons, especially if the misalignment has already led to excessive wear of healthy teeth, if aesthetics or dental hygiene suffer from the misalignment or if it causes muscular tension in the jaw, head and neck pain or snoring. In addition, TMJ (temporo-mandibular-joint) disorders, such as pain, clicking or restricted movement in the jaw, need to be medically diagnosed and treated.


Dental Hygiene

Oral hygiene is carried out by our prophylaxis assistants and followed by specialist medical supervision.

Dental Injuries

In most cases, children are prone to dental injury, but adults can also suffer from oral or dental injuries caused by sporting or traffic accidents. Injuries from significant impact and or pressure on the tooth are not always easily recognizable. Seeing a dentist as soon as possible after any facial trauma is imperative; however, sometimes complications only arise later and can only be accurately diagnosed and treated by experts through regular check-ups.
Under certain circumstances, teeth which have been knocked out can be re-implanted: especially when they have been transported in a special tooth rescue box to prevent exsiccation (drying out) of the tooth. An affidavit from the police station is essential, especially when the damage is a result of third-party involvement. Likewise, an insurance report is of utmost importance for reimbursement at a later stage (AUVA).
When children are injured at school or on their way to school, they are insured according to their state at the moment of injury. In such cases, please coordinate with the school and keep the injury report as long as you live, because later damage can arise at any moment, in which case costs can be covered accordingly.


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Satisfied customers are our best references

Client testimonials

Excellent medical services…

…by a friendly and competent doctor. I have several implants, some of them are already about 10 years old. They are holding up wonderfully, and I have never had a problem – neither with their preparation nor with their implementation or long-term use. I can recommend Prof. Dr. Tepper without any doubt.

Review by a DocFinder user in September 2018

Very satisfied!

I had two teeth pulled and replaced by implants. Before we started, Dr. Tepper took away all my fears about the treatment. Everything was done very quickly. Every move was precise. I had some pain on the same day, but the next day, I could already do without the painkiller. I couldn’t even feel it when the implant was being done, I only felt sore from the tooth being pulled out. I can only compliment Dr. Tepper, who is very, very competent – you’re in the best hands when you choose him. Everyone who needs an implant will be well taken care of with him.

Review by a DocFinder user in July 2018

Everything worked out wonderfully!

In the previous year, I received implants and crowns for the entire upper jaw, this year for the lower jaw. Everything fits perfectly and I feel very good about it. I would also like to thank DDr. Gabor Tepper, his father (installation of the crowns) and the whole team for their excellent work!

Review by a DocFinder user in July 2018

A high recommendation!

Very friendly, from the ladies at the reception to the doctor! Very clean, everything is sterilized in front of the patient unpacked. Absolutely competent and, as already said before, very friendly! PS: I’ve never felt an injection any less!

Review by a DocFinder user in July 2018

Absolute recommendation!

I recently had Dr. Tepper put in my first-ever implant and I am thrilled. Within 15 minutes, the broken, treated tooth was pulled AND the implant was placed. Dr. Tepper discussed the treatment with me in advance, showed me everything on the X-ray and the 3D MRI and explained every single step during the treatment, so I always knew exactly what is being done – which I found to be very pleasant. After the local anesthesia had subsided, I felt some (expected) discomfort in my jaw – but with a single Parkemed (!), that was also taken care of. After that, I had no pain, no swelling, nothing – as if nothing had ever happened. I can highly recommend Dr. Tepper!

Review by a DocFinder user in June 2018


I was very happy with the treatment. Time span from beginning to end: 4 months.
I can only thank the Dr. Gabor Tepper.

Review by a DocFinder user in June 2018

Professionalism from start to finish

I met Dr. Tepper many years ago, when he came to my then-dentist’s clinic to implant for 4 teeth (lower jaw, front teeth). When he arrived there (with assistant), I immediately had the feeling of being a top professional. Although it was not his own ordination, it was “just like home”: It’s all top-notch and well-rehearsed. He pulled the four teeth (which was my nightmare for days!) so swiftly and painlessly that I was still wondering if he had even started by the time he was finished. He was so fast and precise, I had no complaints!
Later, I had to pull an upper molar, and had the same experience. And then, a year ago, I had to have six teeth pulled in my left upper jaw, and got four implants (!), this time at Dr. Tepper’s practice. Of course I was scared, but again, it was over so fast, that I had NONE of my expected suffering. Everything else was also done with precise and attentive professionalism of the highest order. Dr. Tepper is extremely recommendable, and his prices are in the usual range.

Review by a DocFinder user in June 2018

Direct implant perfectly solved

I’ve had dental problems since my youth. I have had dental implants done at different ages and have had all sorts of experiences. For one of the teeth in my upper jaw which could not be saved, my regular dentist recommended that I see Dr. Tepper. We weren’t sure if an implant could be placed at all because of space, bone structure, etc.
The 3D X-ray created at the initial consultation already provided a clear assessment of the situation – no additional pathways/delays, and a comprehensive overall assessment.
At the subsequently agreed treatment appointment, the “bad tooth” was removed within 3 minutes, and, after another examination of the situation, the implant was in its position in what felt like 3 minutes. It has never been so easy and fast… I only needed one appointment, and the millimeter-precise work was already clearly visible on the control x-ray. The healing process went without complication, and the implant fits wonderfully. I was very satisfied with the treatment and the profound implantation know-how, and can only highly recommend Prof. Tepper.

Review by a DocFinder user in May 2018

100 % recommendation

My almost 30-year-old dental bridge had to be renewed. After a short waiting period for an appointment, in my first meeting with Prof. Tepper, he was very competent and empathetic. I felt well taken care of, the assistants are very nice and I instantly felt like I could trust Prof. Tepper. After the start of the treatment, there were some complications due to my bone structure. Prof. Tepper opted for a different solution during the session, which produced a perfect result. Within a week I then had my new teeth, which fit perfectly, match the color of my other teeth accurately, cause no chewing problems and have turned out very good-looking.
My only, tiny little point of criticism: in spite of appointments, you sometimes have to wait a little longer (but it’s worth it). All in all, an excellent treatment by an excellent doctor. Thanks to the whole team; I’ll be back for sure.

Review by a DocFinder user in May 2018

Implants for 8 years

Prof. Tepper replaced 2 of my incisors with implants 8 years ago. Although the initial situation was not optimal due to an already existing inflammation I had had for years, everything worked out, and my quality of life improved significantly. Both in the immediate follow-up and in the years after that, Prof. Tepper was committed and, above all, always available quickly and easily.

Review by a DocFinder user in May 2018


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